We can’t deny the fact that it is sweet to commit sin. Sin is appealing to the flesh and so, it is sweet to the FLESH because the FLESH derives some pleasure and gratification from it even if it is on the interim.
The room to commit sin is very big and it always widely open,
The road to continue in sin is very broad,
The root of sin is ever blossoming,
The respect in some sins is beautiful.
But you know,
The result of sin is bad,
The reward for sin is bitter
The remembrance of sin is bothering.
Sin takes you farther than you ever intend to go,
It makes you spend more than you ever plan to spend,
It makes you commit other sins you never can imagine.
Oh how King David became a Keeper of someone else’s wife, before you knew it, he graduated into being a Killer of somebody’s wife. Eventually, he ended as a Kindler of adultery and fornication in his family.
Sin can make a man who is afraid of being put to shame before a group of ten to be disgraced before a group of tens of thousand.
Those who are free from sin don’t actually know how to thank God because they can’t thank him enough. Those who are still in sin don’t know what is at stake.
Are you free from sin? Then, watch and pray!
Are you fallen in sin? Then, weep and pray!
Are you feeling like sinning? Then, be warned and pray!
Are you following sinners? Then, walk away and pray!
My joy for humanity and you in particular is that, the CROSS that condemns, conquers, crucifies and crushes sin is still very powerful till today.
Run right now to Jesus without any further delay.



F=> Friendly not Frivolous
A=> Accommodating not Annoying
M=> Mentoring not Mutilating
I=> Investing not Indebted
L=> Labouring not Lazy
Y=> Yielded not Yoked

The smallest unit of human existence happens to be the family. Before a whole community, society, city, state, country, continent or the world is destroyed, it must have started from this smallest unit called ‘family’. Think of the most dirty, dubious dangerous, degenerating, disastrous, damning deadly, devastating, devilish individual today, you will discover that such a person sprang up from a particular family. If parents knew the implication if their relationship with the children on their children, they would reconsider their steps. In like manner, the most serious, soaring, sincere, simple, sagacious, supportive and successful person in the whole world happens to belong to a particular family too. It then means that the world in general shouldn’t be held responsible for any of its unsocial, uncultured, unethical, unhealthy behavioural pattern today but the individual families from which the whole world is framed.
The first full meaning of FAMILY above will definitely fetch you all the good things you can ever think of in a family. On the other hand, if you happen to characterize your family with the second meaning of family, then you are decisively calling for negative projections on the world.

Every family should endeavour to be positively influencing, impacting, imparting, igniting, inputting on the family. These can’t be possible holistically without the fear of God ruling your home because what family A considers to be good may be bad to Family B. When there is a fear for God, then there is a general manual and guide through which we can detect what is right and what is wrong. By so doing there is a kind of absolutism in our judgement and not relativism. I HOPE TO SEE YOUR FAMILY IMPROVE THE WORLD FOR GOOD!


I won’t hurt you,
I can’t harm you,
I will be at home to help you with all humility.
I won’t be too high for you to reach.
You can always hide in me to hold you as I am held in God’s hands.
You are my helpmeet, heavenlymade, honeymaid, holy mum, humble mistress ,heartmender, homemaker, house motivator, host minister, ‘hug -mate’. I love you.


When friends are gone and family members have said bye to you. When your dearest ones have closed their hearts against you and the most beloved have shut their bowels of mercy against you. When life shows you it’s other side by presenting you a gall of bitterness to dine with. When all hope and help seem blocked.when your heart aches with pains that are hard to explain or share. When your world falls apart and your shelter burns to ashes before your very eyes. When the Clergy cannot help any longer and the reality of the worst that can happen unfolds rapidly. When joy and happiness to you seem like an illusion that doesn’t really exist. When you cannot remember when last you smiled not to talk of laughing. When your story is so bad that it doesn’t have a twin brother under the sun. When you are acquainted with so great a despondency that air conditioner to you looks like Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery furnace.

In fact, when the English vocabularies don’t have enough negative words anymore to describe your feelings. Then, I hear a gentle soft voice behind you saying “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.
“Trusting as the moment flies, trusting as the day goes by. Trusting him whatever befall. Trusting Jesus, that is all